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While on a brief break from my studies next week, Person is taking me on the big bi-annual family Thanksgiving week at the beach trip. I’ve never been to North or South Carolina before, and we will go through both states on the way to North Myrtle Beach and the house by the sea. I can’t wait to study tides and sea life. It will be quite illuminating, I think. So if you look forward to my weekly posts, please know that I’ll be back on the 28th to tell you all about the big week. If you want more details, check out HittyG’s blog, Hitty Writes.

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I can’t begin to tell you what it’s like, being away from my first family and dear sister, Dauphine, and having to spend so much time in virtual isolation, working on my courses. But my goal is to get through this period of intense study and try to enjoy it at the same time. I’ve been told that teaching is another form of intensity, and that my studies teach me things but may not teach me what it’s like to be a teacher. I’ll have to experience that myself when the time comes.

I enjoy what I’m doing, but I also look forward to being able to work on the school house that the Lily’s showed me. It’s a mess, old and dusty, but it’s turned out to be a great place for me to go and study when I want to feel peaceful and happy. The school does that for me. I think it will be a wonderful place when it’s fixed up. The Lily’s have promised to help me make it into a real school again, and I think we can work to make at least some of that happen during the upcoming break.

I’m also looking forward to a new semester of studies, and this week, I got a bunch of new texts. They are always a joy to me. I’m even going to study art and not just history or literature. What a pleasure. Anticipation is a good thing.

Oooh - new books, new classes - what fun!

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The difficult life of a student

This week, I had a lot of trouble concentrating on my work. There always seems to be so much that I must do and so little time in which to do it, yet it must be done.

One of my struggles is finding a quiet space in which to do my work. Even though I was given a lovely room of my own, it wasn’t quite working for me. Maybe that was because it was too comfortable. Or because the desk, though nice, was a bit too smallish for my needs. I’m not sure what the problem was, but I finally decided that I needed to seek out another space in which to find some peace and quiet that was actually conducive to my needs.

I tried out the Capital City Convention Center since nobody is usually in there. The Accommodations room on the third floor was comfortable and quiet, but it was a lot like my own room – a bit too comfortable.

Finally, I realized that the schoolhouse the Lily’s had shown to me a few weeks prior might be the exact space for me to use. I didn’t even try to straighten things out, but just moved the large phonograph from the desk and set up my laptop and books. It’s dusty, but it’s quiet and not so comfortable I can just topple over and fall asleep.

The first period of my education will be ending soon (it seems as if it just began!), and I’m hoping that during that break the Lily’s will again come over to help me start clearing out the school. It will take a lot of work and time, so we need to be productive when we have the opportunity to do so.

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My first week

My first full week here has been a whirlwind. The Capital City Hittys helped me to arrange my things in the guest quarters where I’m staying. Normally, that space is reserved for visitors, but they knew how important my studies were and wanted to put me in a quiet place so I would not be disturbed. I think it looked better before I moved my things in, but it’s a lovely spot, and just the sort of place I needed in which to study.

My new room in the Guest Quarters

My studies are going well, but I am amazed at how much effort it takes and how tired I become in what seems like a short time. Of course I’m often up late at night, but I did take a bit of time this week to celebrate Halloween. Of course, after going off to party, I came back to study. My work is of primary importance, though my friends keep reminding me that I also need a bit of play time to keep going.

Halloween was fun, but I must not neglect my studies

I think someone snuck in and caught me doing what I seem to enjoy the least of – sleeping. I hope I’m absorbing information while I snooze.

Even a student has to get her beauty rest

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A discovery…

The Lily’s led me off to a place I hadn’t even noticed when I was here before. It was a little creepy, dirty and cob-webby, but Lily Emiline was brave and confidently led the way.

Here we are

Are you sure it's OK for us to be here?

Hey, it's dark!

When Lily Emiline turned on the lights, I could see we were in a school. I could also see there was a lot of dust.

Ah-choo! This is a real mess.

It would a lot of work to clean the place up.

It might be a mess, but it has the basics.

I believe this could be the perfect school for me when I have my teaching certificate. But I don't think I'll have time to do all the work.

We could help you clean it up. Three people work faster than one.

What great friends - this will be my school, if I can get permission to clean and use it. And I have friends to help. I believe I have found my place and what I'm meant to do.

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Old friends

It’s a beautiful, sun-shiny day here in Virginia, and I was welcomed heartily by HittyG, Director of Hitty Camp Winter Wanna Do and spokes Hitty for the Capital City Hitts, of which she assured me, I am now one. It’s so nice to feel part of a family. I miss my old family, but I truly feel as if I have a new one. And even better, a sister was here to greet me – Keileen! I was surprised. She was a sister who left our birth home before I got to know her, and having her turn up really makes me feel at home.

It was actually HittyG’s idea that I start this blog. She told me before I arrived that it’s a good way to document what I’m doing, and I will be glad for it later. I’m sure she’s right. She has had her own Hitty Blog for some time, and although she said she had had a hard time posting to it lately, she enjoys looking back over what she wrote from long ago. My carve mom also has a blog, so it seemed like a good idea. Do you like my title?

Then, what a surprise! My old friends from camp stopped by! The Lily’s live with Person’s daughter, but really wanted to come and spend some quality time with me before I begin my studies. Even though they snitched on us when we used the hot tub without permission at camp, they didn’t know it was me, so I forgave them. Besides, what was I thinking?

What a wonderful surprise - Lily Too & sister Lily Emiline!

We head upstairs to catch up on old times. I explain to them that I really want to study to become a teacher and have been accepted into a special and highly accelerated program where, in only a few months, I will have my teaching certificate. Where I will go from there I don’t yet know, but at least I will be qualified. I’m eager to start, but I know it will be hard work, and I won’t have much time for fun. They said they think I’m qualified, and that I have the right stuff, which includes elbows so I can pick things up, point things out, and offer hugs when my students need them.

The Lily’s have whispered that they had something to show me. It sounds interesting, so I’m off on a bit of adventuresome fun.

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New beginnings

I’m so excited to be in my new home. Everything is familiar, yet different. The last time I was here, it was to attend Camp Winter Wanna Do. Here I am with Director, HittyG, at the Capital City Convention Center where we all stayed.

I don’t feel the least out of place here. My time at camp was great fun, and it taught me that the world was much larger than I had imagined.

I was born in New York, and that was my world prior to attending Hitty Camp. I have a wonderful Carve Mom, Erin Kleider, and a dear sister, Hitty Dauphine. But as time came for school to begin this year, I kept remembering that there were things to learn and places to explore beyond my life there. When at Winter Wanna Do, I learned that HittyG’s Mom was a University Professor. She had gone to college late in life, but had gotten degrees that allowed her to teach and to run an online writing center. Education was important to her, and I soon began to realize that it was also important to me. I wanted to learn more, to see more, and to do more than I could if I stayed at home. It was hard to leave my birth family, but I love my adoptive family, and they have shown me that I am welcomed and loved.

So now I am back in beautiful Virginia, about to begin my educational studies. I’m not yet sure where this will lead me, but it will be an adventure. I hope you will follow along.

Hitty Evalina

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